Monday, March 26, 2012

Two sides to each story pocket door

This past week - amidst spring break fun and frolic - I got down and dirty on some more touching up action needed here at the Little Old House. You see, there is this list (described here) and when it says, for example "dining room pocket doors" it means just that: the pocket doors in the dining room.

As in, the dining room -side- of the pocket doors.

Yep, you got it.

Our pocket doors were finished only in as much as the dining room side of things was concerned.

It's all in the spirit of breaking down projects into nice bite-sized chunks.


Anyways, after getting lots and lots of practice painting the pocket doors on the dining room side, I'm making really nice progress with painting them on the livingroom side. Here they are in all of their patched and primed glory. The husband thinks I should paint something on them - a pattern or the like - but I'm not sure yet. Our living room has a slight Restoration Hardware look to it with the industrial dark grey on the walls, the white accents and the vintage brass touches, that I'm not sure it wouldn't be too frilly.

I -do-, however, want to add a few more white or at least bright accents to freshen up the moody look for spring and summer. Pillows come to mind and I'm currejtly fiddling with a knock-off version of a pillow I spied at Target the other day so stay tuned :o)

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