Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas at the Ugly Duckling

 The holidays went by in a whirl: together with my in-laws we celebrated "Pre-Christmas," a week early since due to weird work schedules (my father-in-law is a pastor and my husband a journalist) we weren't able to meet up in the north for a family gathering this year on Christmas. Instead, they came down to see us in bright and sunny Florida. Together we went hunting for a Christmas tree, decorated it, spent lots of time chatting and playing boardgames, and in good old family-tradition nearly an entire day unwrapping Christmas presents.

A week later, just the three of us here at the Ugly Duckling celebrated Christmas again, going to Midnight Christmas Mass at First UMC downtown, woke up amazed that Santa had come -again- and brought some more presents, and savored family time galore over new boardgames and a long and tasty fondue for dinner. I feel wonderfully re-charged and assured in God's love and his blessings for us. Life cannot get any better than this. I am loved and I am blessed many many times over.

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