Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guestbedroom revisited

My in-laws are scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks and so in our excitement we naturally end up project hopping from left to right.
Let's do this!
Let's do that!
All of that amidst the general chaos that the Christmas season brings with it. How could I possibly resist adding another project to my list? This is another piece I inherited from our lovely neighbor. It's a vintage headboard and foot board and something about it just grabbed me and I needed to have it.

Just ... the brown stain color wasn't working for me. It wasn't really what fit between the black side tables we are using in the guest bedroom. Alas, this was an easy problem to fix!

Black laquer! I don't know about you but I'm a Valspar girl. I had never used their lacquer before though but I though, heck, it sounds like fun!
 Maybe a little eighties, but I figured if I didn't like it I'd just paint over it.

So, I went to town, painting the headboard with thin even coats of black spray lacquer.
The pant went on beautifully, rich and glossy, yet allowing the grain of the wood to somehow show. In fact it looks more like a black stain than, you know, paint.

Here you can see just how rich the color is. It's a gorgeous ebony black and because the grain of the wood shows, it doesn't invoke that cheap eighties black polish furniture feel (Thank goodness!).

I have to confess the "After" picture is staged. Lacquer paint is so not low VOC, and after a quick photo shoot we decided it would be better to let the head and foot board air out and cure on the porch. This is the "Before" - clearly. No headboard, just a slightly unfinished guest bedroom with a servicable bed, two night stands, and lights. For some odd reason I've meandered away from the orginal plan to a grey, white and yellow color scheme. Hmm .... I wonder how that happened?

And "After"!
Now we have a -BED-, not just a bed. It's funny how much more defined the bed looks now. Of course, one door closes (headboard installed) and another can of worms one opens one opens. That wall above the headboard is clearly demanding art -now-, doesn't it? It never ends ....

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