Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let there be light!

Look what the husband did when I was out playing one of Santa's elves!

He - wait for it! - installed a ceiling light fixture in our dressing room!
And took pictures!
And showed Little Man how it's done!

This project was brought to you by my bestest brother-in-law B. without whom this wouldn't have been possible ...well, not anytime soon, at least. You see, we live a solid 2.5hrs drive away from the closest IKEA store, all highway miles, mind you. Best Bil, however, lives in town with IKEA, and he graciously agreed to swing by with our shopping list and deliver to our door. (He's cool that way ...and he is single. You know, in case you're looking...)

For the dressing room, we settled on the ALĂ„NG light fixture from IKEA - a modern design with a sweet texture, flush mount for our low-ish ceilings in the addition housing dressing room and master bath and a very affordable price to boot!

Here the husband took a picture of the contents of the IKEA box: shade, fixture, and instructions.

This UFO shaped contraption is the actual fixture, the antennas have little magnets that hold up the shade. No worries, the magnets are surprisingly strong and the shade is holding up really well (and has yet to come down).

Ahh, here we go. There's the hole in the ceiling covered up with an oh so fabulous cover plate ... yeah. Yep, we painted the ceiling in the dressing room the same soft minty blue color like our bedroom.
Ugly Duckling Southern Style!

And here is Little Man lending a helping hand! And you get a better idea of the ceiling color, too! Ignore the splotchy door frame in the background; it's a work in progress, and I'd just started to patch and sand.

It's the Millennium Falcon! On my ceiling!
Well, alright, so it's the light fixture all wired into place and ready for some bulbs and a light shade.

Voila! We have a ceiling light! Ignore the rest!

I warned you! The rest is still a pretty (pretty as in "very")  hot mess. Ceiling and walls have been painted, I'm in the process if installing the remaining base boards, and we have plans for the floor, window treatments and accessories.
Until that's finished, we can always close the doors and pretend it's not there. Right?

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