Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh no, you didn't!

 Oh yes, I did.

When I last showed you the hot mess that is/was my dressing room aka walk-through closet, it looked like this:

Hot hot mess.
Tools scattered every which way. Paint cans. A shop vac. And much much more.
The "in-between" stage - when tools clutter every inch, and nothing is where it belongs - is always the scariest.

While at first I really really liked the stenciled floor (because it was different, a pattern that I liked, and probably because a painted floor was on the "It" list across the blog world), it was never ...well, me ...or us. We -are- fairly traditional, and somehow the floor always struck me as 'noisy' once the initial excitement over "Hey, I painted my floors!" had faded.

I don't like noisy rooms. Not at all.

And while we didn't want to start laying floors a week before Christmas and only days before the arrival of the in-laws for Pre-Christmas celebrations, I just couldn't suffer this noise anylonger.

What more is another gallon of paint?
Certainly no pearl from my crown (this is an attempt to translate a German saying that basically expresses the thought that it's not too much to ask to do a certain task).

Warning - Wet Paint!
Barely half a gallon of self-priming porch paint in a rich chocolate brown color later, peace and quiet arrived in my little walk-through closet/dressing room.
It also appeared instantly larger.

Once the paint was dry later that evening, my dresser went back into its old corner, conveniently hiding (most of the) the kitty bathroom. Once we have decided which type of new flooring to put into our bedrooms, this room's floor will be finished as well but for now I'm pleasantly surprised and happy with the new look. So is the husband.

- separate from bathroom
- lay new flooring
- install shelving
- frame with baseboards
- paint walls
- paint ceiling
- install light fixture
- frame out windows
- hang window treatments
- art/painting
- rug

Getting there, getting there ...

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