Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year - New Luck!

Last year, I gave you this neat little list of projects we wanted to tackle in 2012 (refresh your memory here). We had great plans, all revolving around the exterior of our little old house, and they were all based on the assumption we'd be done with most of the interior projects my the end of spring.
Big wop-wop-whoop.
That didn't happen.
The HGTV curse struck again, and here we are,are still stripping and painting doors and frames and baseboards.

But let's take a look at the list:
  1. Replace-A-Rail                                                                                                                     Check! We did replace the old rusted and haphazard wrought-iron railing with an appropriate and way chunkier wooden railing. And what a different it made (see here)!
  2. Picket Fence Fun                                                                                                                           Plans are drawn up and paperwork is ready to go to the Historic Preservation Committee for approval.
  3. Upfront Landscaping
    Our front yard is still a barren and boring wasteland. 
  4. It's Raining Paint - Hallelujah!
    We still need to paint the Ugly Duckling but at least we now know which color. That's a start!
Aside from hitting a really low 'low' as far as our DIY spirit was concerned, the ...hmm, threat ... possibility of moving north put a cramp into our style and a lot of projects on hold (like adding a bee hive to the yard). Now that we are back in the game, we are back at crossing items off from our to-do-list which means our re-ordered list for 2013 looks more like this:
  1. It's raining (exterior) paint!
  2. Picket Fence Fun
  3. Upfront Landscaping
Of course, there is always stuff happening/needing to happen on the 'interior' as well so we are sure to stay busy - no problem!


  1. We have very similar exterior wish lists for 2013! Mine needs paint and landscaping too, but instead of the picket fence, mine still needs the rail replaced. Good luck to you! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. We could cheer/egg eachother on when things get tough :o)
    Happy New Year to you and happy DIYing!

    PS:You are giving me stove envy *L* What a beauty!