Friday, January 25, 2013

Shady business

Now that the vanity light fixture is in place and working, we really needed to get some pretty shades.

Blue box to the rescue!
This is what caught our attention in the first place: the incredibly wide variety of light shades for this type of light fixture. While a few years ago, these light fixtures only came with the standard shade, the light fixture business obviously finally discovered the versatility and the fun of coming up with a variety of designs. And since they are pretty much standard sizes, you can even go and switch it up at home if you already have one of those vanity light bars! How cool is that?
Since I couldn't make up my mind right away, I took home the following babies:

1. white glass shade with a twisted comb pattern

2. frosted glass shade with a clear edge

Back at home, we tried them on for size.

I must admit that I was secretly cheering and rooting for Shade #1 because of the pretty pattern which would pick up on the pattern of the IKEA light fixture in the dressing room (and we are thinking about swapping out the brassy nipple fixture with the same light). Imagine my delight when I discovered that the mirror was not in the way of the shades and that they looked as nice screwed in as I'd hoped!

I returned the other shade to the store and picked up the remaining two shades for a complete set.
And it's D-O-N-E - Done!

It's starting to feel mightily civilized in there. Now all we have to do is plan a trip down to the IKEA in Orlando to pick up the missing link necessary for the installation of our shower curtain rig and our bathroom will be good to go (you know, except for all the other projects I've pinned, just in case).

Left to do:
  • install shower curtain rod
  • hang shower curtains
  • create window treatments
  • decorate (art, plants)

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