Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Switching it up

 Have you seen Apartment therapy's "The January Cure"? It's their 30 day plan to get your house in better shape, you know, like organized, with flowers and framed art on the walls. While I haven't signed up for the deal (I'm following simplicity's year-long declutter calendar instead, and one calendar is more than enough but if you want to, you can go and sign up here), I do read their posts out of curiosity and on the constant quest for inspiration.

 [The husband's desk in the living room]

On day six they suggested you "pick a piece of art and get going on framing it." That's when I realized that I still hadn't changed the art in our livingroom. Waaaay back I created Halloween art inspired by one of my pinterest pins, and yes, you guessed right, it hung for much longer than Halloween ... It hung for -two- Halloweens and then some, and it was really time to change it up a bit. I had even prepared replacement art a while ago but never gotten around to swapping it out.

[Bats and spiders, oh my!]
Shame on me.
Bad procrastinator!
No cookie!

Even worse, the whole swap demanded my attention for maybe ten minutes tops. Both, the husband and I love New York City. He has lived there before, and while I wouldn't want to move there, I love eloping to New York for a quick trip now and then. I'd downloaded a couple of photographs of famous NYC sites, and back when Picnik was still around, had toyed with some of their effects to make them look less like photos.


I'd picked four of the photos I's played: with a sweeping view over Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC skyline, and Times Square.

Quick Tip: I always use another frame's glass insert to cut a photo or picture to size. It does double-duty as a ruler and allows you to choose exactly which part to display (and to make adjustments).


I used double-sided tape to make sure they would stay in place and popped them back into their frames.

[See my cheery chevron blankie? That was a Christmas present for me, 
and I love it! It's supersoft and warm and fun!]

Then it was time to put them back onto the wall! I fiddled with their placement for a while until I liked the arrangement and then put them back onto the nails already in the wall.

Tada! Like I said, a ten minute fix, not a lengthy ordeal (staircase *cough* stripping paint from spindles *cough-cough*), and I like how it also added a pinch of color to our Restoration Hardware styled monochromatic living room.

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