Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vanity, oh vanity

We decided we'd lived long enough with that nifty blue plastic box above our bathroom vanity ... or maybe we finally realized that that was where a light was supposed to go - you pick. At first, with the bathroom marginally ready to be used, I was too shopped out and tired of making decisions and simply pushed this one back to the bottom of the pit ... list. Then, with winter approaching, the thought that "a little more light here would be nice" started to sneak into my brain. And yet, I -still- wasn't sure what kind of light to pick. 

You see, it's like this. I just pretend I know what I'm doing talking, style and design as if there was nothing to it (ahem ...cough-cough) when really all I'm doing is blundering about, stealing ideas (Thank you, blogosphere and Pinterest) and trying to make the best of it. Heck, I don't even know what my style really is! Or if I have one (chances are slim). 

Enough with the whining and back to the vanity light.

Oh, wait! More whining! Ha!

Much to our dismay (and here's a "lesson learned" for when you are constructing, rebuilding, renovating, etc. because I wish I'd noticed it sooner) the electric box isn't centered above the sink. You'd think it is, but it's off by about 2 inches.
Not a whole lot, but enough to notice it.

Not feeling the desire to g into rewiring, running into studs and other possible issues, we tried to come up with a way to deal with this problem. A light with a wider base would provide coverage and allow us to adjust the fixture placement, and so we started to search for a light fixture that would do just that.

We really liked the option that the lighting aisles at the blue box presented: they are offering sconces, vanity bars, etc. in various finishes with shades sold separately.

Here's the husband installing the light fixture plate to which the cover attaches We had to drill a few extra holes in order to adjust the discrepancy between the light box position and the center of mirror and sink, but it wasn't difficult at all and you don't see it unless I point it out to you Promise!

Tada! This is an awful picture and it took real artistic skill to make it look like everything is centered but the sink. I blame the swoop of the basin and an odd angle, and missing window treatments. Heh ... It's centered, though, I promise.

We have light! Huzzah!

We do, however, not yet have shades. There are so many options to choose from that I developed a serious case of "DIYer Block"; I keep going back and forth between two shades that I like, waffling over which would be better. I figure I'll buy one of each, try them on, and decide then, so stay tuned for another vanity light update! (There's no end to it. Ever. Ahhhhh!)


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