Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three of Three

This past weekend was a doozy as far as diy-ing and blogging was concerned. Not only are we enjoying an amazingly mild and sunny January with temperatures hitting the high 70s during the day and beautiful breezy nights but we were also completely cut off from the world for three days thanks to a blown port on the utility pole outside the house. Two hours of troubleshooting, new cables and a new port later, we were finally back on the grid on Sunday, but this whole 'cut from the umbilical cord of the internet' teamed up with splendid outdoor weather had us "oot and aboot" instead.

We visited the first "Annual Timucuan Adventure Days" at Fort George, meeting Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, scorpions, owls and other critters, went kayaking, and shot crossbows. I also got chewed up by gnats and mosquitoes for the first time this year (a regular occurrence; I tend to keep the bug spray industry in business) and only while hopped up on antihistamine am I not scratching myself raw. They itch -so- bad! and I'm polka-dotted where ever skin showed (Thank GOD I wore jeans).

I'm still working on the staircase (D'uh!), the burns are slowly healing, and mentally I'm going over "The List." I think it was Apartment Therapy's "The Cure" that suggested to create a list of three projects per room to finish, and so I went and looked over my master list to assign priorities per room to kick start a more aggressive "get'er done" kind of approach in tackling stuff around the house. It was hard to limit myself to the three "sine qua non" items per room (I have at least half a dozen of "...and one day, I want to ...." projects for each and every one on top of the "...and I really need to do..." list, but here goes

 "Three of Three List"  aka "The Get'er Done" List

(*rooms in no particular order)

Laundry Room
1. paint (cabinets, tabletop and part wall)
2. install door knobs
3. cover the utilities

1. paint window
2. add lighting
3. add backsplash

1. organize drawers
2. paint door
3. Create or buy art for wall opposite of windows

1. paint walls
2. paint baseboard
3. add curtains for both windows

1. organize hall closet
2. window treatments
3. create wall art

1. add more shelving
2. sort books
3. add desk

Upstair's hallway
1. paint door frames and doors
2. hang art over electric panel
3. finish painting stair case

Bathroom hall
1. new flooring
2. update ceiling light

1. install door for closet
2. new vanity light or add cover
3. refinish sink

Guest Bedroom
1. create and hang art
2. different curtains?

Little Man's Room
1. declutter
2. install shelves on either side of the window
3. create a work station
Master Bedroom
1. install fireplace mantle
2. build bed frame
3. paint doors

Dressing Room
1. decide on and install flooring
2. hang window treatments
3. create/hang art

Master Bathroom
1. shower rig
2. replace ceiling light
3. finish shelving in closet

It's still a massive list but here's to focusing on the most important parts rather than getting sidetracked by "Oh, shiny!" moments All.The.Time. because, you know, that's how I roll.(And you won't believe how much my fingers were itching to add points 4 and 5 and 6 to each room ..or maybe it's the mosquito bites, I dunno.)
Nawww, it's not the bug bites.
I'm just crazy that way.

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