Friday, February 8, 2013

All Dressed Up: Our Dressing Room

While most of our house is still in a perpetual "almost done" kind of state, even after two years, there are some rooms that are starting to look rather civilized.

When we bought our little old house it had been chopped up into a duplex with two apartments. We got rid of pretty much everything that wasn't original to our house and returned it to its single family layout including the upstair's kitchen. Since it backed up against the existing bathroom and was connected to what we would claim as our master bedroom, we  knew the former kitchen would make a great master bathroom with extra space for a walk-through closet/dressing room. A real master suite - sweet!

After the initial demolition, our contractors put up a wall to separate bathroom from dressing room, we laid tile, painted, added baseboards and door casings, created built-ins and are finally approaching a completed set up (read more about some of the projects here).

This past weekend I decided to add a few more finishing touches. While we still have to finalize the flooring issue (right now the floor is new sub flooring that's been sanded smooth and painted) - we are thinking cork at this point - it's amazing what a rug and some art will do to a room. We went from construction site to pretty dressing room in no time flat!

I scored the little 5'x3' brother of the big 8'x10' chevron rug in our bedroom during one of the last Rugs USA sales for a whopping $20 (no kidding). While these rugs do tend to catch and hold on to our cats shed (the pup doesn't shed - hallelujah!) and have convinced me that I do NOT want carpet anywhere in our house, it's nothing a bit of vacuuming and lint-rolling can take care of, and other than that they are rather low maintenance.

I had those three-dimensional flowers for two years, but never found a good spot for them. Girly touches like those have a hard time in my 1 tomboy - 2 boys household and so I kept them stashed away until now. Together with the empty black frame, I felt they worked well for that spot above my old dresser without looking too frilly.

I still need something like a clothes hamper, definitely window treatments of some kind and a bench or chair but so far I'm really really happy with how it's turning out!

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  1. I like your flowers in and out of the frame! Looks cool.