Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House Tour 2013

When we bought the Ugly Duckling, the interior did little to inspire awe and house envy. Sure, it did have good bones, and all the space we were looking for at a steal but it wasn't pretty. No, really. Honestly, I look at these pictures now and can't help but think "Oh goody, what were we thinking?"

We have come a long way and while I occasionally feel like asking "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?", it's been a lot of fun and a whole lot of growth.

Hop on over here to this post for some scary Before pictures, and then lean back and enjoy some "After" pictures. I know I certainly did. Phew!

P.S.: There is no rhyme nor reason to the order of the rooms in this House Tour. Heh. For a floor plan of our little old house, visit this ancient post here.

Our Guest bedroom: With neither of our families living nearby, a dedicated guest bedroom to keep them comfortable during their visits was a must-have when we started looking for a home. It's a darling room - not very big, but sweet and bright and peaceful - and Little Man just loves camping out there on the weekends (it's a special treat).

Our stair case: After breaking it free from the wall that separated the upstairs from the downstairs, refinishing the treads and painting the risers, and adding a newel post at the bottom, all that is left to do is to remove the remainder of the wall and restore the spindle baluster on the downstair's half of the stair case. That is, after I'm done restoring the upper part (read about in the Staircase Challenge).

Our entry hall: Hard to believe it was the tiniest bedroom ever when we bought our little old house. It's hardly ever this tidy, though. 

Our Living room: It's such a cozy snuggly room. 'nuff said!

The dressing room: It's finally starting to look like a real room!

Our dining room: It's still the room in which we spend most of our days;
we should really consider changing its designation to 'living room' and call the living room "sitting room" instead. It's also the one room that we haven't tweaked at all since we moved in.

Our lovely lovely kitchen: We are still madly in love with the big farmhouse sink, and haven't made any changes here either (although I see different hardware, a backsplash and an eat-in nook sometime in the future).

Half Bath: The world's tiniest bathroom but serving its purpose beautifully. No changes here either. I dream of getting rid of the wall time and put in wood floors though ... one day, one day.

Our master bedroom: In its second incarnation we are loving it even better! We traded the dark rich teal on the upper half of the walls for a soft cream color (BHG's "Cultured Colonial Cream") and painted the ceiling a custom-mixed light turquoise like a southern porch ceiling. LOVE it! It feels so much brighter and bigger now.


  1. It's so funny how the room you spend the most time in is the room you haven't touched.

    1. Looks we are still in love with the color :) We painted the walls, ceiling and trim, hung curtains and called it a day.

  2. What an excellent idea, getting rid of that wall by the staircase.

    Do you know what kind of wood the guest bedroom floor is?

    1. Thank you! The difference it made was amazing - it turned a cramped little bedroom into an open vestibule and the floorplan whole house started to make sense. Now all we have to do is move the original front door back to its proper place :)

      The original wooden floors in our house are heart pine. We refinished them with a dark walnut stain downstairs but haven't touched upstairs yet which is why they look lighter and more red. Hope this helps!

  3. Even if you don't like the previous look of your house, I know that you still bought it because you saw it's potential once you conduct a house makeover. Well, I checked out your recent posts, and I can see that you're busy with all the renovation on going in your house. You're very determined to make this house magnificent, huh? I hope that you'll achieve the kind of look you want for your home! :)