Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Staircase Challenge: On and on it goes

Another week, another teeny bit of progress. I'm so grateful for this challenge and for all the other inspiring ladies suffering alongside me. I'm convinced without it I'd have thrown the towel at least four weeks ago.
But ...!
Behold, there is progress!
Not an awful lot but it gives an even better idea of where I'm headed with all of this scraping and sanding and patching. One third of the staircase is now primed, and I got the first coat of darkbrown paint on the top of the newel post and the handrail. Hallelujah!

I'm becoming somewhat of a contortionist - getting the area between the upper and the stair part of the balcony scraped and sanded is .... uh, something best suited for somebody with rubber arms. I have added scrapes and bruises to my heatgun burns trying to maneuver my hand between the two sets of spindles to tackle the baseboard.
I'm thinking spray paint for a chance to actually paint this area with a smooth coat of paint but if you have any ideas, I'm definitely open for suggestions!

The first spindles are primed and ready for the first of two coats of paint. The relief of the spindles is beautifully crisp - a far cry from the gunked up mess they used to be which tickles me pink.

And that's it for this week! 
I hope to have a bit more to show for next Tuesday. Don't forget to check out how the other duelists are doing and visit


  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I've selected your blog for the Liebster Award. You can get more details on my blog at http://our1stnest.blogspot.com/. The award was passed along to me by another blogger. Feel free to play along, or just enjoy my appreciation for your blog!

  2. I seriously hope you are jumping up and down right now! It looks so good!

    1. I still wish I could just wave a wand and have it all done, but it helps actually seeing progress :o) You all and your cheering keeps me going! Thank you!

  3. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :)

  4. Starting to look good, you must be really happy with the result and I'm sure all of your hard work will be worth it! At least that's what I keep telling myself ;-)