Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking News!

We finally finally received the news: the city has agreed to a partial release of the lien and we should now be able to close on the Ugly Duckling on or before January 28th, 2011.

And there was much rejoicing in the house!

No, we aren't holding our breath (just skipping and squealing a little bit) because if we have learned anything throughout this entire house hunting adventure is that anything can happen anytime. I'm still signed up for an MLS mailer and keep a close eye on any movement on the market in our neighborhood. You never know ...

I'm not sure how much comfort it is for you out there still at the beginning of a house hunt or maybe even just toying with the thought of maybe someday buying your own home that our real estate agent assured me that we "got to see it all" so far and that she feels sorry for all the hassle we've been going through (fortunately with her by our side - I'm sure I'd have lost it entirely by now if it weren't for her levelheaded assurances and advice). HGTV certainly shows this whole process in a very rose-colored light (or would that be Honeysuckle for those paint aficionados?) and these days I have a hard time watching "House Hunters" without resorting to cat calls, snorts and snarky comments aimed at the screen peanut-gallery-style.

I can only imagine the reactions if we'd tried to wait out the seller's response over a cup of coffee at "Three Layers", the bestest place for a cup of coffee and some wicked good pie (or a glass of wine) in the 'hood. Heh, they'd be charging us rent by now!

Anyways, the later the evening, the longer my sentences so that's it for tonight! If all goes well I'll finally get to show off the Ugly Duckling in all its filthy, dirty, neglected glory in a little more than a week and get started on those "before" and "after" shots!

I'm done waiting - Are we there yet?


  1. Ah! I'm a little late to this blog post, and now you're only mere days away! You must be jumping out of your skins.

    You did have quite the ordeal with the process. My worst holdup when we bought over the summer was that the lender refused to give us the loan unless the seller fixed a list of things in the house. It was touch and go there for a while on whether they were willing to do it.

    Still, you win :).

  2. Truth be told, I'm bouncing off the walls and can't sleep because my brain's churning with projects.
    Our worst issue really was the response time of the selling bank; it's like wading through molasses. Our lender has been great throughout the entire process and always very positive. That would have been (and must have been for you) very nerve wrecking to have the lender be difficult.

    Yeah, we win! Just what are we getting ourselves into! *LOL*