Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

It's more like "Speechless Wednesday"...

My little blog doesn't have the biggest audience, but page views are steady and way more than I ever expected, you know, since I created this blog really only to keep family and friends up-to-date on how things are going renovation-wise. It also works great in keeping me accountable for steady progress because if I ain't posting, I obviously ain't really working on the house.

Imagine my surprise at yesterday's spike in views!

Find the nearest bunker!
The Russians are coming!

Thanks to some lovely comments the mystery was easily solved - my comment on Kit's blog "DIY Diva" and her staircase throw-down challenge with Sarah from "The Ugly Duckling House"  (read more about it here) had gotten me into trouble ...err, the list of crazy participants in the epic Staircase Challenge. At least, I'm in good company, so if you haven't, go visit the other kicka$$ ladies and their staircases:

I'm waaaaaay behind some of these ladies so here is my to-do-list for the stair case at our  little old house

  1. finish stripping spindles
  2. sand spindles, handrail and baseboard
  3. strip 4 more risers
  4. prime everything
  5. paint everything
  6. install dust corners
 Of course now that I'm chomping on my bit like a race horse in the starting box, I realize I won't have time to do anything on it until tomorrow at least. Whaaahahaaa! Madness!

Have a staircase that needs work?
Have you put it off for a while now?
Need to get that done?
Join us!


  1. Haha! brilliant.
    I got a wee spike in views as well and I'm now priming those last 3 stairs... the challenge has got me motivated (which I guess was the whole point)

    Good luck with it all... but I still plan to beat you! ;-)

    1. Well, technically I'm halfway done. The lower half of my stair case is done except for the dust corners ;o)~
      We should make those throw-down challenges regular features *L* They do wonders for one's motivation!

  2. Oh, you're nearly done... WHAT!

    My OH has busy proper work to do so I was being left on my own to continue. I am now being side-tracked and I'm going to varnishing the living-room floor tomorrow... this is not going as well as I'd hoped.

    I am up for any other challenge of course, but most of our house still needs A LOT more work.

    I'm preparing myself for the wooden spoon.

    1. *LOL* Let's compete for the wooden spoon instead ;o)

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