Sunday, February 17, 2013

A First: A Give-Away Just In Time For Valentine's Day

 Aaaaand ...we have a winner (courtesy of's number generator)! 

Congratulations, Dave Lohnes! Entering this giveaway sure 'weorc-ed for you! 

The give-away is now closed but you can use the special coupon code LOH217 to receive "Free Shipping" until February 28, 2013.

My friend Amy and I met over the creation of a historically accurate Persian dress for a 16th century dancer. While we cut and measured bright silken fabrics, Little Man cooed over her darling baby boy, and both of us were distraught when they had to move. Thanks to Facebook we have been able to stay in touch, and when she started sharing pictures of her jewelry creations I became an ardent fan in no time.

I may be more of a tomboy kind of girl, more comfortable wearing jeans and flats than a girly dress and make-up, but for once I'm actually considering getting my ears pierced so I can wear one of her earring creations. 

Aren't they stunning? Beautiful and intricate and customizable to boot! I also love her sweet bracelets. I was really excited when she offered a give away, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Seven years in Hawaii teaching, dancing, and surfing inspired Lora Amy Bright's chain maille designs. Her pieces attempt to capture the turquoise, greens, and pinks of the islands as well as the motion of the waves and the movement of the ocean.
She stumbled upon chain maille while living in Honolulu in a room carved out of a mountain. A bead shop resided at the bottom of that mountain. One day in a fit of creativity, she traversed the curvy road to the bottom, bought tiny sterling silver jump rings and made a few frustrated attempts at Byzantine weave. Her eventual success led to a few more pieces, but a queasy pregnancy gave her impetus to fill the dizzy hours cutting jump rings and piecing together more intricate patterns.
Along with her handsome 9 month old son, Lora Amy Bright now lives in Spartanburg, SC, poring over maille lore and mandrels while plotting her return to belly dance.
You can find her work at

PRIZE: A $35 gift card to Labweorc
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NOTE:The give-away is now closed!

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    These designs are lovely. Especially like the use of the crystals.

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  11. Thank you all for visiting the shop! Dave, you are the winner!

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