Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pi-pa-pocket doors: The reveal

It's been a busy couple of weeks with life throwing a bunch of curve balls at us, not to mention the set back due to paint fail I described over here, but finally, after lots and lots of prep work (described here and here), the deed is done and the pocket doors are agleam with a fresh coat of paint and clean hardware.

Shiny! Like a new penny!

I cleaned the original hardware from old paint splatters and gave them a quick rub'n buff with a drop of olive oil to liven up that gorgeous old brass patina. They look almost like oil-rubbed bronze but instead of the reddish glint of bronze you see the warm golden glow of old brass shining through the aged patina.

For the moment we are very careful when opening and closing them until the paint has had sufficient time to cure and harden. Most of them time, we keep them open to aide the traffic flow between our main living areas, and only close them when it's cold or when Little Man wants to watch TV while the grown-ups are talking next door.


  1. They're gorgeous! Great job at refinishing them. I swear, my next house better have pocket doors. They're so lovely. :)

  2. Thank you! It was a lot of work but thankfully the end result was so worth it :o) Can you believe we didn't know that our house had pocket doors when we bought it? A previous owner had caulked them into the wall so they were pretty much invisible! We have a house here in our neighborhood that's for sale ;o) I call it the "House of pocket doors" because there are a good half dozen of them in there! VERY modern living vintage-style :o)

  3. I love old pocket doors! My parents had a set that my mom started stripping, but it was such a huge job she quick halfway through. So, I grew up with a creaky pocket door that was covered in patches of dark brown paint. I think the white is a much better choice! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you!

      I can only imagine what a bear it must have been! We didn't strip ours (and remaining trim around the house) to the wood because of too much old damage (certain "claw marks" make you sometimes wonder whether we had a were creature as previous owner ...) and we like the crisp fresh modern look of white trim :o)