Monday, February 28, 2011

Let there be light!

After scoring a great deal on our appliance package for the Ugly Duckling's kitchen we celebrated with a ...ahem, quick trip to the blue box store next door. You know, to pick up a few little things we needed for projects that day and to browse the aisles for inspiration.

Not only did we find a water closet (aka "crapper" in plumber language) at a great price, we also picked up a set of 2 outdoor lights for our Ugly Duckling.

[Ugly Duckling with new porch lights]

Yeah, not like that was planned or on the project list for that weekend, but the price was good, the design is a classic carriage design in black and on top of that they are motion-activated for a first security feature at our house. We also love how it affords you helpful light without having to fumble for a light switch when you come home in the dark and are searching for the right key on your key chain.
[Close up!]

Back at the Ugly Duckling, the husband went right to work. Taking down the old outdoor lights (we had 2 jelly jar fixtures, one with shade and the other without) was easy and so was wiring and hanging the new ones. I think even the Ugly Duckling was happy about the sparkle the new lights added. Now we're on the hunt for a matching pendant light since there's another ceiling fixture on our porch.

[Ugly Duckling by night]

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