Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stripey goodness

Slow and steady!Painting the Little Man Cave is progressing nicely, all things (experience, practice, available time) considered. Every day after work I change into my work clothes, grab a bite to eat and head over to the Ugly Duckling to work for 2.5h until the school bus drops off the Little Man in the afternoon.

Our first coat of New Grass Green needed a second coat for nice even coverage. It's bright and cheerful and oh, so very green! I really love how lively it contrasts with the bright clean white of the ceiling. I can't wait to paint the stripes though.

[Glidden "New Grass Green"]

Yesterday I measured and taped the stripes. I went with the thickness of the base molding (10 inches) and ruled out stripes until I ran out of space. No, I didn't measure the entire length of the wall (I knew it was somewhere around 8 feet), I simply winged it which tends to be my preferred method. I guess I got really lucky when I ended up with the last blue stripe lining up almost exactly flush with the top of the door molding. Score - me!

[The feature wall with the closet door and taped stripes]

Weather in NE Florida has been on the nippy side since the rain let up and it turns out that blue painter's tape doesn't do well in cold weather. It'll stick to itself so badly that it's hard to roll it off of the roll. So, I stuck it into my pants ... heh (the back pocket - sheesh!). That did the trick. After a short while it unrolled just fine, and I managed to get all stripes taped.

[Little Man's closet]

Today's fait accompli was priming the base molding and trim work around windows and doors. I don't know about you but while I'm a rather accomplished painter on paper, using the big brushes and painting rooms is something I definitely will need more practice (and there's no doubt I'll get plenty of that). Either way, freehanding the base molding wasn't going to happen. Blue painter's tape to the rescue! Now there's bright white clean-looking trim in the Little Man Cave waiting for tomorrow's painting with Behr's Ultra Pure White in semi-gloss. Stay tuned!

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