Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work in progress - the guest bedroom

One of the things on our must-have list was a guest bedroom dedicated to that exclusive purpose. Not a sleeper couch, not a catch-all room, but a real guest bedroom. Both, the husband and I, have family spread out all over the place: his over this continent and mine all across the ocean in good ol' Germany, and we like having them visit and stay. Being able to provide them with a comfortable room means a lot to us and was non-negotiable. So after painting the Little Man's Cave we proceeded to freshen up the guest bedroom.

Mrs G had already taken care of the windows in the room. Weights were restrung and locks refitted and she even took one sash to the shop to give a thorough once-over. Now they work like new! [Sorry for the not so great "Before" picture]

Here's what we started with: a cute but bland bedroom that gets great light through two big windows and features one small closet. When we brainstormed what we wanted the room to look like we ended up with a silver-blue and white color scheme with dashes of black for contrast. [You can find the mood board here]

After some deliberating we choose Dutch Boy's "Silver Slate" for the wall color and went to town. The ceiling received a coat of Ultra Pure White which is our default white for the Ugly Duckling.

[After: fresh paint on ceiling and wall and trimwork prepped and taped for painting]

[The other side of the room with view of the hallway through the open door. The smaller door is the closet door]

What a change! We fell in love with the color all over again once it was up on the walls. It doesn't overwhelm, it is light and airy which we felt was important for the room since it's a bit on the small side and it makes all of the trim really pop!
As an added side effect it works at all times of the day in the room: in the morning it is the truest ,a soft silver grey with a hint of blue to give it body, during the day it gains a periwinkle blue hue and in the afternoon when the settling sun reflects from the hardwood floors it appears almost lilac. Love!

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