Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A pile of tile

Thanks to a combination of early release Wednesday, homework and too much construction dust for our munchkin to hang around safely, I'm home earlier and didn't get to spend as much time at the Ugly Duckling as yesterday but that means between loads of laundry and wrestling with the vacuum cleaner I get to update you today on our progress.

[Brace yourself for some really gross
Before pictures, folks]

So, our masterplan of house domination includes converting the upstairs kitchen into a dressing area and master bathroom. With half the plumbing already in place and adjoining the largest of the three upstair's bedrooms it's just meant to be, right?

The only obstacle? A dirty ugly kitchen with blah cabinets, gunky tile and other unmentionables. It simply had to go, and go it did. Thanks to Sam's berseker-style demolition skills our upstairs kitchen went from this


[Saving grace of the room: lots of light, lots of usable space, view of backyard]

to this
In Progress

Looking better already, if you ask me!
And here is the mood board for our master bathroom so you know what we're shooting for in this space

Design Plan


  1. I loved that mood board since I first saw it, and I'm looking forward to the big finish.

    Demo is gross, waddaya gonna do. I can't fully tell, but those old light fixtures still look to be in ok condition. Thought about selling them off on craigslist or something?

    Lastly, my floor in the powder room looks just like yours right now. Can you tell me how the subfloor got prepped? How was all that tile adhesive removed?


  2. So do we!

    Yes, those fixtures will go and if we can find somebody willing to pay a buck or two for them, that'd be great! If not, there's always the ReStore.

    Well, aside from the one unusual component that I'm sure you can do this without (metal sheeting) there was presswood (although I'd recommend plywood), over that cement board, then the tile adhesive and then the tile. Sam tore all of that out using what looks like a flat shovel and a sledgehammer - I definitely recommend getting a guy to do it *L*