Saturday, February 19, 2011


The work on the little man's cave is slowly coming to an end. If I can muster enough strength and enthusiasm today (I'm battling the flu and am drowning in snot ...yeah, I know, TMI) , I'll finish painting the window trim and doors and it'll be done!

Here's yours truly painting the stripes in Valspar's "Boat Blue".

The stripes turned out okay. The edges aren't quite as crisp and clean as I'd hoped (a little paint bled through despite sealing and using the expensive painter's tape) but for now it'll do. I have an entire house to paint and once I'm done with the rest I might come back for a round of touch-ups.

Stripey Goodness!

I was hoping to find simple navy-blue Roman shades for the windows in his room but all I could find so far are those tie-up shades which I think are a bit too frou-frou for a boy's room. I might go for matchstick blinds and panels instead, hanging them up against the ceiling to create the sense of height and to balance out the effect of the hung ceiling.


  1. Whoa, cool! Looks like it'll be a really fun room. You know, those Young House Love guys swear by the green frog tape for crisp edges.

    And sorry about the flu. Maybe you'll sweat it out with all the work you've been doing.

  2. Flu works great when painting :o) You can't smell the paint (since we're not moving in for another ...oh, 4 weeks, we didn't splurge on no/low VOC)

    Next time I end up painting stripes I'll use green tape and either paint it over with the base color or with painter's caulk to seal the edges for crisper lines *nods*

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