Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curb Appeal II

Occasionally we take a break from painting inside and dabble a bit on the outside of the Ugly Duckling, especially when the weather is nice and sunny and warm. We haven't made any huge changes yet but it's the little touches that really are starting to make a difference.

[Before: Notice the wrought-iron handrail in the middle of the steps]

We really don't like the current wrought iron railing and handrail on our porch. It doesn't fit the style of the house, it's too insubstantial and too flimsy and not our style to boot. Long story short: it's got to go. We started with the hand rail saving the remaining railing for a later project.

[After: Ahh, so much better!]

Here's the husband with his two helpers. We needed some rust eater to help loosen one or two of the screws but the handrail came off without too much of a fight.

We also removed the first of 2 satellite dishes on the front right of the house. This was quite an adventure requiring a taller ladder and a smart approach to keep the dish from whacking the husband over the head upon coming down but we did it! This also allowed us to get rid of some of that cable mess at the front right of the house. The second dish, however, is proving a bit harder to reach. Looks like we'll need an even taller ladder.

I also planted the first few plants. Since half of the front yard is always in the shade I got our house some Hostas and a couple of Lily of the Valley. Both are shadow lovers and should do well in their new spot. It's been a couple of days since I planted them and they seem to have settled in nicely. Now it's up to them to spread out and be merry!

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