Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Griswold

This is Griswold. He's from Pennsylvania, and after a short sabbatical he will be in charge of receiving the mail at the Ugly Duckling again. Griswold has been in this profession for many years and his experience is extraordinary even though he lost his outgoing mail clip and the newspaper hanger at some point in the past 70+ years.

"Griswold" is a Griswold Erie, PA No 106 cast-iron mailbox. Right now he resides next to the formal entrance door that leads to the living room (the door was moved from its original place most likely when it was turned into a duplex the first time around) but we will move him over to our actual entrance door and return him to "mail duty" because we love his quirky looks.

Don't you love his squint and perpetual "oh" mouth? We certainly do!

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