Thursday, February 3, 2011

Showing some claw

Clawfoot tub that is!


When we drove down to Orlando last weekend to tour IKEA and Cabinets-To-Go to help us come to a final decision for our kitchen, we managed to score a fantastic deal on a tub for our master bathroom. Not that we went there with the expressed purpose of buying a bathroom fixture but the deal was just too good to pass up.

Cabinets-to-go usually offers an acrylic clawfoot tub with vintage-style telephone faucet for under $1000 - a real steal, if you ask me! These babies usually don't come cheap at all. Last weekend (and from what I understand it's a promotion that's still going) they offered their tubs at - hold on tight - 50% off.

So for just a little over $500 and very reasonable shipping charges to have the tub delivered, we scored this beautiful beautiful clawfoot tub and faucet for our Master Bathroom.


  1. That is one sah-weet deal. It'll look amazing, without a doubt.


  2. I'm madly in love :o) But I'm not steady - I just picked up my IKEA farmhouse sink and I loooove it so much!