Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Floor Magic - Step by Step

Phil giving the floors a final thorough vacuuming to remove the last bit of dust

Joe applying the stain ("Walnut" from Minwax)

Joe applying more stain - here he is in the dining room

Staining completed

Gloria brushing on the first (of three) coat of polyurethane

Be still my beating heart but those floors are fabulicious!

So so beautiful!

The walnut stain was a good choice. Husband was worried at first that it'd turn out too dark but the reddish undertones of the heart pine transforms the stain into a rich chocolate color that brings out the grain in most beautiful ways. Simply gorgeous.

Now I can die a happy homeowner :o)


  1. Wow - those floors look AWESOME! What a great color~!

  2. Thank you :o) We're mighty proud of how beautiful they turned out. They'll receive another buffing and a 3rd coat of poly before they are completely done. 95 years old floors - still going strong!

  3. Brilliant. Oh the house will be grand!