Friday, March 4, 2011

Look what I got!

At the beginning the Ugly Duckling had 2 full baths, one downstairs and one upstairs. In favor of a useful laundry-mudroom the downstairs bathroom had to lose its bath tub and be demoted to a powder room aka half bath with just a sink and a toilet (bringing us with the addition of the master bath to a total of 2 full baths and 1 half bath). The somewhat funky door placement (and a lack of desire to bust open yet another wall if we could help it) made a corner wall-mount sink the most sensible choice for our little powder room.

Enter "Vintage Tub & Bath", a recent favorite online store of mine!
Prices are -very- reasonable compared to other reproduction fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens, not to mention that they sell ranges and refrigerators featuring the antique look (wish I could afford those!) but with all of the modern conveniences, and those hard to come by clawfooted shower sets.

So currently on their way to the Ugly Duckling are this ittibitty corner sink
(minus the quirky faucet)
[Source: Vintage Tub & Bath]

and this pretty Kohler faucet

[Source: Vintage Tub & Bath]

for a very reasonable price including free shipping! Within a day I received my shipping notification and the faucet is due today (and the sink will be delivered Monday).

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