Friday, March 25, 2011

I see a red door and I want it painted black

After painting our front door a bright cheerful red to make sure guests will end up using the right door (and not the bigger original entry door), dear husband looked at me and asked one of those dreaded questions (the kind I don't necessarily have an answer for because, well, I hadn't had time to think about it yet):

"Are we going to paint the inside red, too?"
Err ... No, I don't think so ... that'd look odd and, you know, really set our color scheme for inside"

So we listened to the advice from the Rolling Stones, took our red (on the outside) door and painted it black (on the inside)

[Hey, good looking!]

It also took only 2 coats of semi gloss interior paint to achieve this beautiful rich slick black finish (as opposed to the red on the exterior: coat 5 and counting)

[painting in progress]

Together with the perfect shade of "greige" on the walls and white trim, our black door looks mighty sharp, we think.

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