Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A thing of beauty

You know, fresh paint, great furniture and fantastic accessories make for a lovely home but if the hardware of your house aka electric, plumbing, roof, heat and air, don't work right, you're hosed. Really.

While the work on the electric at the Ugly Duckling is still a work in progress, the plumbing is pretty much done. We went from this

[Look - it's bad stuff just waiting to happen ...]

[Cast iron stack past its prime]

and this

[Old plumbing including "ghost plumbing" ie old plumbing lines that aren't connected to anything anymore
except for the underside of your house.]

[Everything was removed and replaced with shiny new and fresh PVC]

Here's our brand new stack waiting to pass inspection so we can close up the wall again (and paint ...uh).

[New stack]

and the updated plumbing for the Master Bathroom and hall bathroom upstairs.

It's a thing of beauty, really.

Our plumber really went to town, dropped in on the weekend even and finished up in no time. He even handled the Little Man tagging along with grace and patience which which left quite an impression. Right now, the junior assistant plumber wants to grow up to be a real plumber, just like Olin
[Junior Assistant Plumber in training]


  1. Good thing you guys got that 203k, because I couldn't imagine doing all that out of pocket! I mean, I guess it all comes out at one time or another, but still...oy~!

    And those first pictures? Those are the things that keep me up at night with nightmares.

  2. We definitely love that there's something like the 203k loan out there :o) As far as the pictures go - here's where it really pays to have an experienced general contractor with solid knowledge of the kind of house you're working with. Then it's only half as bad :o) [Oh, and the cast iron stack looked just fine from the outside - except for that short little bit in picture 1]