Sunday, March 20, 2011


Almost ready to take a bath ...or as we prefer it, a shower. The upstairs hallway bathroom is alternating between the stages "done" and "in-progress". It was "done" for a while, then we switched out sinks (from vanity to antique pedestal sink here].

It was "done" again for a short while, until we discovered that there was NOT.ONE.SINGLE.OUTLET in the entire bathroom. Clue: the electrician who bust a new hole into my freshly painted bathroom walls followed by spackle and paint touch-ups.

It was "done" for a little while again, until the shower rod arrived in the mail. I snatched up a great deal on a curved shower rod with liner and hooks at for about $30 total thanks to a coupon that was burning a hole into my pocket.

[New shower rod]

Husband went to town, measured, marked, drilled and about an hour later we had a beautiful new shower rod and liner gracing our hall bathroom.

And while the curve doesn't look at all pronounced, the space gain inside the shower is MASSIVE! No more cold shower curtain sticking to you in the shower, no more elbows getting trapped in cold wet shower curtain folds.

Curved shower rod - Go, get one; you know you want one!

[Oh yeah, and of course I need to touch up the paint again where husband marked the walls ... ]

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