Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bathroom Dreams - the sequel

I try to be over at the Ugly Duckling every day except for Mondays. Mondays I really, really need to catch up on laundry and other assorted household chores that pile up over the weekend with amazing regularity (I can't -wait- to have a dishwasher! I'll have a life again once I don't have to do all our dishes by hand anymore!).

If I'm lucky I just get to do whatever I came to do (mostly paint) without much interruption aside from a lovely chat with whoever is working on our house that day. Other days questions I have never ever thought about before (or thought I'd ever have to have an answer for) get thrown at me requiring decisions to be made on the spot. Questions like ...

What kind of door do you want here? [A door ... What? There are different kinds of doors??]
Which way does this door open? [Uhhh, let me think about that for a moment]
What kind of flooring are you planning in this room? [Errr ... well, that one hasn't made my priority list yet. Let me think about that for a bit]
What are the measurements of your toilet? [Haha ... I have -never- bought a toilet before so I guess that means they don't come in one standard size?]
Does your vanity have drawers? How deep are they? [I think it will. Possibly. You know, we want to re-purpose an antique dresser soo ... you think you can wait for that a while? We haven't found that dresser yet ...]

Most of the time, I feel somewhat dumbfounded and stupid because I don't have the answers all worked out (in fact, I end up having more questions afterward) but I roll with the punches as much as I'm able. Dear husband will have to live with some of my ad-hoc decisions so I try to keep his preferences in mind as best as I can.

Aaaaanyways, Saturday, at the blue box, we picked out a toilet. An odd project, I'm telling you. I don't know about you but I really don't feel strongly about toilet design. Not at all. As long as it's clean and functioning I'm all set. Really.
I don't really have any preferences whatsoever in regard to one-piece, two-piece or many pieces. I have no opinion on whether elongated, oval or round are "It". Toilet seats I prefer simply clean and white - not too flimsy, not upholstered and not embroidered. Husband only had one request; he liked the elongated version a bit better.

That made things a lot easier although we didn't really waste all that much time going over the various options. Ruling out two designs left us with a handy dandy choice between 4 (I think) options and our budget limitations and a special sale in the toilet department helped the final decision along.

Tada! Our brandnew crapper for the master bath![Everybody say oooh and aaaahh now! It's nothing outrageous: just a plain AquaSource
High Efficiency Elongated Toilet aka the Flushmaster, if you believe the reviews]

We're also a little closer to a final decision for our vanity. You know, we have this grand idea of re-purposing an antique dresser with a pretty marble slab as the counter top and 2 vessel sinks. Now that we know that the space for the vanity isn't all that large and seeing that we have peacefully shared a miniature sink for the past 6 years with no counter space whatsoever, we're thinking about having just one larger (rectangular-ish) bowl center set on the counter, rather than 2., for a crisper, leaner look.

[Source: Signature Hardware]

Or this one


Or maybe this one

[Source: Vintage Tub & Bath]

Our current favorite is the vessel sink from Signature Hardware but I figure we'll give it a few more days before hitting the "add to your cart" button.

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