Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's here!

Just a few days ago I posted about my great find for a tiny corner sink and a pretty faucet to go with it for our little downstairs half bath [read full entry here] at Vintage Tub & Bath. Within a week after submitting my order online the sink arrived, safely packaged in layers of foamy cushions in a box within a bigger box, and the faucet followed shortly there after.

I doubt this will be my last order from them; this was one of the smoothest shopping experiences ever (and shipping is free!)

It's the smallest sink I have ever seen and so far, not many seem to be able to stop themselves from squeaking "It's so cute!" in the highest pitch they are capable. See for yourself. That's my (size 7) foot in the picture, for comparison (a quarter would have been a bit too small).

My only worry was that the faucet might be too big. It is solid and sturdy - not a flimsy bit of a fixture - and since its mate, the sink, was over at the Ugly Duckling already I had to wait until the next morning for a quick dry fit.

[Together for the first time]

[Love the hot-cold label! And it looks like a big happy smile to boot :o)]

So, there. Fixture dilemma downstairs bath solved! Great new shopping venue confirmed and one step closer to completion. Now, if we could only close up those walls for good ...

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