Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a first peek into a room I haven't talked much yet: theeeeee library!

That's because for the past couple of weeks it's been delegated to official downstairs storage lair for odds and ends, cabinets and appliances and general disaster zone. With the kitchen progressing beautifully, there was just enough space for me to squeeze in and try out the color we'd picked out for this room. The one requirement for it? It had to go with this

[source: Bradbury & Bradbury]

It's so pretty I'm gonna die! (Remember Agnes, the littlest girl with the unicorn obsession, from "Despicable Me" - I really dig her)

Here it is in action

[source: Bradbury & Bradbury]

It's my own personal Kohler faucet. You know, the one from the commercial where there lady whips out the Kohler faucet in that high-end architect's bureau and demands they design a house around it leaving the star architect stumped? Yeah, that kind. I want it, I want it and by God, I will find a spot for it! The library struck me as the perfect spot for it.

[Painting in progress]

Back to the library. The color's name is "Sweet Woodruff" - a light silvery sage-y green that looks simply lovely on the walls and makes a great backdrop for the frieze from heaven. Husband has his heart set on floating wood shelves for the library so it'll be peeking out from between glossy stained wood and books. Can't wait to see everything in its place!

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