Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blog-iversary: 200 posts!

Post 100 came and sneaked (snuck?) past unnoticed but this time I caught another big anniversary number:

200 posts!

In two more months it will be exactly one year since we first laid eyes on our Ugly Darling Duckling. And what a year it has been! From first tour to closing date, we spent a rocking and rolling 3 months trying to buy this house all the while our fabulous realtor Teresa held our hands. She was also by our side for the 3 months prior to discovering our house, sending listings, touring houses and coaching us through our very first offer (the one that we walked away from.; read about it here).

With the help of our fantastic contractor team from Glory Homes Inc. and their subcontractors we brought the Ugly Duckling up to speed and code, and finally moved in in May. So far we have (with their help when it comes to the big ticket items and in no particular order)

  1. updated/repaired plumbing in entire house

  2. updated/repaired electricity in entire house

  3. replaced hvac system

  4. repair damaged trim/molding where necessary in entire house

  5. made a few roof repairs as needed

  6. turned downstairs full bath into half bath

  7. installed new fixtures in the half bath

  8. hung a new mirror in the half bath

  9. takeen space from downstairs bath and add to mudroom for laundry space

  10. put vinyl plank flooring down in our mudroom/laundry room

  11. demoed kitchen

  12. salvaged hardwood floors underneath linoleum

  13. installed kitchen cabinets

  14. installed appliances

  15. installed cabinet hardware

  16. sealed butcher block counter tops

  17. went tankless (with our water heater)

  18. opened the wall to staircase to create a single-family home

  19. built and installed a new newel post

  20. installed existing handrail using new vintage-style brackets

  21. opened the wall between entry hall and living room

  22. revealed pocket doors hidden in the walls

  23. refinished all downstairs wood floors

  24. re-open fireplace and inserted a gel fireplace

  25. painted fireplace brick

  26. painted the livingroom, the dinigroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, the half bath

  27. updated the light fixtures in livingroom, upstairs bathroom, kitchen, diningroom, dressing room, guest bedroom, Little Man's cave and the Master Bedroom

  28. spruced up an old brass chandelier

  29. hung cabinets in the laundry room

  30. refinished the stairs

  31. removed linoleum on the landing and upstairs hallway and installed new floors

  32. got a proper door for closet to heat pump

  33. painted the hallway

  34. installed batten and board in the Master bedroom

  35. re-caulked tub in upstairs bathroom

  36. installed a vintage sink

  37. refinished the vintage sink

  38. turned upstairs kitchen into Master bath and walk-in closet by building a wall and creating two rooms out of the existing upstairs kitchen

  39. laid new subflooring in the upstairs bath and dressing room

  40. painted and stenciled the floor in the dressing room

  41. updatee plumbing for future Master bath

  42. built, installed and painted two shelving units for the dressing room

  43. laid tile in Master bath

  44. refinished a vintage dresser to use as vanity in the master bathroom

  45. built a cabinet for the library

  46. built and installed wall-mount shelves in the library

  47. refinished the built-in butler's pantry and decorated with stencils

  48. removed the old ugly awnings on the kitchen window and the hallway window

  49. removed the rusty old handrail from the front steps

  50. created a simple patio

  51. set up an above-ground pool

  52. started the planting in the backyard

  53. spruced up the back porch aka The Stoop

  54. corrected the fence line

  55. installed a new door to our shed

  56. created a new planter bed in the front yard

  57. began planting a butterfly garden

  58. changed the outdoor lighting

  59. removed a couple of unwanted and unnecessary satellite dishes from the side of our house

  60. removed old broken storm doors

  61. moved the vintage mailbox to the actual entry door

  62. installed vintage door bell push button

  63. installed new window hardware on some windows

  64. restrung some window weights

  65. changed the front door hardware

  66. painted our front door

  67. replaced the back door hardware

  68. installed a new porch light

  69. created and hung window treatments in in Master bedroom, library, livingroom, dining room and guest bedroom

  70. upcycled a vintage sewing desk

  71. reupholstered a storage bench

  72. sewed pillow covers

  73. created a gallery wall in the hallway

  74. chopped a tree
Through all of that I managed to write 200 blogposts and take way more than 200 pictures. Our little old house has gone through a major transformation, even though it's still not done, and we're beyond happy to see with our own eyes what we envisioned during our first visit. No, it's not a major historical landmark. Not even a whimsical ornate historic home. It's a modest quaint example of vernazular building styles with bungalow influences of the beginning of the past century, but we love it to bits and pieces. It's a house with character and personality. It's our Ugly Duckling!

So here is to the next 97 years and the next 200 blogspots. We are far having reached the end of the to-do-list yet! Hope you're going to stick around :o)

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