Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick little DIY fix

How's your Labor Day weekend? Did you have fun?

We sure did! Family time, splashing in the pool, watching movies - just some good ol' fashioned family time.

It was only Monday late afternoon when the DIY spirit reared its head again, after 2 days of blissful nothing, and while we were OCD enough to kick start three different projects, I'll share with you the one we actually finished!

Enter the stage: our darling vintage sink from the upstair's hall bathroom.

For now we're keeping the old faucets (my wishlist for house stuff is looooong and they didn't make the top) since, you know, they work and we have a long list of other stuff to do before wrangling with the installation of two tab faucets. What did bother me, though, were the missing "Hot" and "Cold" thingamajiggs.

[Before: Poor faucet, missing its button]

Before you start wondering, those 'inserts' that tell you whether it's the hot or the cold side are called hot and cold buttons. I kid you not. I'd expected something more .... I don't know, special plumber 'lingo, but button? Anyways, if you loose one of those you need - hold on, this is a killer - "replacement hot and cold buttons".

[Replacement buttons]

I found mine near the fittings and valves in the plumbing aisle at the orange box for some measly $4

[This is what they look like from the back ...]

I didn't like how the brushed nickle buttons looked with the chrome faucets, so I decided to go with the chrome pair instead.

Quick and easy - no tools were needed. All I needed to do was pick the right button for each side and press it over the screw in the opening. The crimp-y backside snaps over the screw and - voila! - no more gaping hole!

[After: All fixed!]

That's how I love my DIY projects: quick, easy and without causing side projects and extra work. Yes!

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