Friday, September 16, 2011


Alright, this one's a quicky to tide y'all over until next week. The in-laws are here for a visit (their first after seeing the Ugly Duckling in all its grody glory back in December last year) and we're a leeettle beet beeezy (first with cleaning and tidying up and now with hanging out with the family).

Part of the getting the house ready for the visit from the husband's parents was changing the look of our front door wreath. That wreath hangs there pretty much all year. I'm easy like that. All I do is add seasonal bits and bops to freshen up the look. It doesn't lay claim to an entire afternoon and is very budget friendly to boot.

[Before: The summer look]

Yep, our Duckling had its own duckling: a happy yellow rubber ducky with a bright yellow felt flower that simply pinned on.

After a quick trip to the Dollar Store for some faux fall foliage, the first step was creating a clean slate by removing everything but the big "G". That one is a permanent fixture.

[In Progress: All nekkid!]

Once I'd removed the few summer decor items, I rummaged through my Dollar Store spoils and started wrapping. I'd grabbed a simple vine with colorful, yet not too gaudy looking leaves and a little pumpkin with a small flower arrangement around the stem, and I added these to my wreath. No five minutes later, it looked like this:

[After: All fall-sified!]

Done! Time invested: 10 minutes - tops. Money spent: $2 plus tax. Is it Martha Stewart worthy? Nawwww. I'd be delusional if I thought so but it's not going to stay like that for long. After all, there's Halloween coming up quickly, followed by Thanksgiving (Hurray for Tur-kay!) and finally my favorite season. Christmas!

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