Monday, September 26, 2011

Leaves blow

While it's still sweltering hot during the day, there's no denying that fall has arrived in North East Florida.

Just ask the Crape Myrtle on front of our house. It's fixing to get all nekkid, dropping leaves left, right and center. Grrrr! Adding insult to injury, our next door neighbor's yard service cut the grass next door and used a leaf blower to clean up the side walk in front of her house.


I kid you not.
A$$hat. (Pardon my French)

Hell-bent on revenge against both, lawn service man and leaves, I decided that I needed a leafblower. Only armed like that, I'd be able to survive fall.

So I started reading up on leaf blowers. Not like I had many pre-requisites. Electric is fine by me (I drive a gas hog, don't need to add a gas guzzling gardenening tool to my not so green side of life, right?), light weight would be great given that I'm short and not interested in bodybuilder style arms and inexpensive.

[Ta-da: My weapon of mass-leaf-destruction!]

After reading plenty of reviews, it appeared that the cheap-o leaf blower by Troy-Bilt from Lowe's fit my bill just right. Less than $50, enough power to blow stuff around, light weight and electric, it allowed me to check off all of my checkboxes. It also got raving reviews from a lot of guys who are usually the power-tool wielding family members. The hubby and I don't have that much experience with those outdoor tools yet, so we listened to what others had to say.

After much mocking from the husband ("A leaf blower?? Just for the leaves from that tree? Why not sweep? What's wrong with the broom?"), some subtle hinting from yours truly (Quiet blowing with rather innocent eyes and a sweeping motion with an imaginary leaf blower) and we walked home with said blower from the store yesterday. It's been raining, so the leaves are now sticky but the sun is back out and I'll update later with my first experiences!

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