Friday, September 2, 2011

Shopping woes

And just like this it's fall in North East Florida!

This morning we woke up to a brilliant blue sky and clean cool air with a hint of autumn crispness to it! Fall!

[Even the purty little cardinal boy checking in on our bird feeder seemed extra special excited this morning]

There are people who claim that there are just two seasons in Florida: hot and not so hot but really, up here in the northern corner (or South Georgia, as I have heard somebody call it) we have actually 4 season just like regular non-tropical folks. Granted, it may be warm enough to fire up the grill in December but we do get frost and sometimes even flurries during winter. Summers are scorching hot with thick humid air and hazy skies and fall and spring are simply brilliant with sunny days and cool nights.

Other than that, though, it's been a craptastic 2 days, at least as far as shopping and school bus transportation are concerned. Sufficient to say we'll stick to carpooling in the morning (who would ever consider sending their 1st grade or 2nd grade student on a 2 hour bus ride, not to mention we only live 17 miles away from the school).

Shopping, now that's a whole other story. See, to finish the kitchen for now I need a) shelves and b) a window treatment.

When I set out to pick up the shelves brackets it turned out they weren't in stock and back-ordered to boot, and over at the fabric store I encountered the same issue with the fabric I'd secretly stalked for the past half year. To add insult to injury, the fabric is available online but for a much higher price than originally anticipated. Meh!

See, I have my heart - kind of - set on a Roman shade made by yours truly from this killer fabric

[Dahlia Aegean via Calico Corners]

It's graphic, it's clean and best of all it brings the color schemes of kitchen (yellow/white), dining room (aqua/white) and living room (grey/white) together.
That's a really difficult color combination when it comes to fabrics. Nothing else seems to really catch my eye, you know? This one here's kind of fun

[Pop Garden Daisey Red via]

and this one's not too shabby if a bit more subdued

[Waverly Circular Motion via]

but I doubt I'd pine over either of them for as long as I've pined for my beloved Dahlia. Then again, I could just go pure white and leave the color pops to decorative items. Right? Meh ...

Or I'll just wait for a sale. Or ... ? Buehler?

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