Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kitchen: Trim and proper

Veni - Vidi - Picti!

I came - I saw - I painted!

Yaaaaaaaaaa, I did it! I finally conquered the beast that is painting the kitchen trim! I won't go into great detail of how tedious, yet so rewarding this task is (very little beats the sight of clean crisp, freshly painted trim), especially since I have whined, complained and moped about it plenty of times before. I'll just leave you with a few pictures.
Sounds good?
Here we go!

Before: Well, actually it's more of an "in progress" picture. The trim is
cleaned, patched, sanded and primed

More progress: Scooting along the base board and rolling on paint with a little foam roller.
2 nice even and thin coats is what it takes to make this base board look pretty.
Yep, that's a stiff plastic place mat I'm using instead of painter's tape - it worked like a charm!

After: The contrast of our Ugly Duckling's original fabulicious heart-pine floors (stained "Walnut") against crisp white trim makes my heart go pitter-patter!

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