Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shelf Life - Part II

Ahh, the woes of being a part-time DIYer: there's only so little time during the day when you - between work, family and household chores - you get to squeeze in some much needed project time. I'm still so very very glad we had a contractor to help us get the house to a point where it was safe and in working condition. Although, all things considered, I wish we'd included the trim painting in our initial reno bid. Oh well ... the lessons life teaches you ....

Anyways, after Part I: The Acquisition, today follows part II: The Beautification wherein yours truly describes the many steps leading up to the Grand Finale and Part III: The Installation.

[Before: Yes, I have a blue dropcloth :o) All the better to see the paint splatters!]

[Lined up and ready to roll!]

So a couple of days ago I returned successfully from a trip to the orange box and got started on project "Kitchen shelves". These pretty curvy curly brackets come in natural pine so I had to prime and paint them for my goal of having pretty glossy-white open shelves in my kitchen.

[Messy progress]

That's when things got messy. As cute as the curvy lines are, they are a ... treat to paint. At least with a brush. I needed a small brush to get into all the curvy nooks and crannies and really wished, I'd opted for spray paint.

[After: All prettified!]

Well, I did it. After several coats of paint and some in-between-coats sanding for a nice smooth finish, the brackets are looking all bright and white. Just the way uh-hu-uh-hu I liiiike them! The next afternoon I spent cutting a length of plain ol' 12" white board into 26" shelf boards and painted and primed these too. Wanna see?

Just give me a moment to dig out my camera and upload a picture!

Alright, here's one.

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