Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shelf life - Part I

For once in my life I'm happily and eagerly swimming with the main stream. While I'm usually completely unaware of brand names, fashion and other things that are "in", this time I'm all line, hook and sinker for white kitchens (check!) with butcher block counter tops (check!) and open shelving (almost check!)!

I mean, what's not to love about sights like this one ...

[via pinterest]

[via pinterest]

[via pinterest]

Now that cabinets and butcher block counters are in place, it is time for some open shelving in the kitchen at the Ugly Duckling.

After some browsing online I settled for those little guys to hold my future kitchen shelves:


So far, our kitchen has been very straightforward and simple that I felt it needed a little whimsy in form of old-fashioned curly-cue brackets. They are about $15 a pair which is very budget friendly to boot.

At the first store, those little babies were sold out and back-ordered to boot. I whined about that here, but things started looking up when I discovered at them at a different branch in another part of town. Score! I picked up a 5ft long piece of white board as the top of my shelves and since we had everything else I could possibly need (screws, wood filler, primer, paint, etc.) at home, I was on my merry way in just under an hour after getting lost in the gardening aisles again. Ooops!

This is a three step program ...err, project, I mean. Part I: "The Acquisition" is thus accomplished and we cab move on to part II: "The Beautification" aka the prep & paint stage.

Stay tuned!

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