Thursday, February 17, 2011

A thing for knobs

The more time we spend with the Ugly Duckling, the more she reveals little things to us. There are things that need to be taken care of (the stack), things that need to be "babysat" (the roof) and things that simply need some freshening up and cleaning (everything else) but every once in a while, amid this truckload of work, I discover those little details that make this house special to me 9and so far has proven to be rather elusive on camera - maybe the house is simply photo shy, who knows?).

While painting the little man's cave I noticed that his door knob was different from any other I'd seen. At first passing glance I thought it was simply caked on paint until I looked closer. Under layers of paint, a delicate filigree pattern was hiding in plain sight.


Isn't it pretty? I simply reached for the deglosser and gently wiped down the front of the knob, and the paint wiped off fairly easily. It's a beautiful Eastlake style pattern. Of course, there's not one to match this one in the whole house and while I still have to snap pictures of a few more knobs to document all of the different styles, here're two more to entertain you in the meantime

Guest Bedroom
Master Bedroom


  1. We have an old house with all sorts of knobs too. They have seem to become the bain of my existance. Those dang things eventually wiggle free and fall off. Setting them up right has a trick that I did not know until I stripped a few the threads.....ugh. They look beatiful, but I think I am beginning to hate them.

    Do yours fall off?

  2. I think these are so pretty.

  3. So far, so good - none have shown any desire to fall off :o)

  4. Irina - I'm now armed with metal primer and ORB spray paint to freshen them up but yes, I do love them! Originally they were bright shiny brass, however, that's a no-go. The ORB basically translates to "Old Ratty Brass" and will look great *grins*

  5. I love them all painted a chipped!