Monday, June 13, 2011

flowers in the window

Do you pin?

I started pinning just two weeks ago and just love the wealth of ideas, creativity and inspiration packed into one central spot on the 'net! Naturally I poke around on pinterest for ideas to pretty up our Ugly Duckling. One such picture that caught my eye was this one. Can you guess what exactly it was that piqued my interest?


Yes, the original molding is beautiful. The door frame is fantastic and the color scheme is so soothing and sweet. An over all lovely lovely room. What I really really love though is the hanging basket with the gently trailing vine in the window. No kidding!

So I stole that idea for our master bedroom 'cause I can! On our old porch we had two hanging baskets with fern. Those two poor ferns did not survive the combination of past winter and remodeling-induced neglect and so all that moved with us to our new residence were the empty baskets.

[Before: Sad empty hanging basket]

This was also a great opportunity to introduce a pop of color to our bedroom. After debating for a few minutes in front of the spray paint rack at a local home improvement store I decided to go with yellow (apple green was a strong contender though).

[The chosen one]

Just a few light and even coats of paint later my hanging basket looked like this

[mellow yellow basket]

Once it was completely dry - which took longer than anticipated on this humid day - I cut a new liner from a white kitchen trashbag to make sure no water would dribble onto my new curtains and the wood floors in my bedroom and relocated some sweet potatoe vines.

[New liner]

[Sweet potato vines]

Sweet potatoe vines are happy campers, even for people with a less than green thumb. They'll grow anywhere anytime and have a cheerful light green foliage. It's also really easy to multiply the number of sweet potatoe vine plants you have but simply cutting off a piece of vine and plunking it into a pot with water. 2-3 days later your cuttings will start sprouting roots and you're set to plant new plants (which means all you ever have to do is buy one single sweet potatoe vine plant to cover your entire yard with it).

[After: mellow yellow planter hanging out in the window]

I'd screwed a hook into the ceiling to hang my planter earlier and with a little help from the stepladder my sweet potatoe vine ended up gracing my bedroom window in no time. Love it, love it, love it! I think it should hang a little lower but that little touch of green is making me really really happy!