Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So floored - The Dressing Room Saga continues

We're making steady progress on our dressing room and soon the days that our clothes are stashed in baskets and suitcases or rumpled on the floor are coming to an end. I'm counting - trust me. After finishing two floor-to-ceiling shelving units, the floor had to be next.

If you've been following our adventures for a while you might remember my flooring dilemma described here and my lack of desire to commit to any kind of interim solution that didn't win my heart. Husband and I agreed that right now, a painted floor sounded like a really good idea. After looking at a couple of different design options, we found a stencil at Stencilease that we both really really liked
[source: Stencilease "Traditional Tin Tile"]

Shopping at Stencilease was joy: the ordering process was simple and straightforward, there were no computer glitches and within just a few days (my order shipped promptly the next day) we were all set to get started on painting our floors.

I'd already used Bondo and wood filler on the bigger and smaller seams and irregularities and given the floor a quick sanding before priming it. No need to go overboard - it is a temporary solutions and we do like the rustic cottage charm of a more natural wooden floor.

[Floors all painted and ready for some special stencil love]

Since we're going to seal the floor after painting on the stencil we went with some left-over dark grey paint from the livingroom. This will fit in nicely with the dark grey tile we chose for the bathroom floors and help turn our dressing and bathroom part of our sweet master suite a cohesive unit.

I gave our floors a solid 24 hours to dry completely before embarking on the stencil adventure so stay tuned for part 2!

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