Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting your stencil on

With husband working late nights and the Little Man in bed, it was as good a time to get started on stenciling the floor in the dressing room. Here it is, in all its baseboard-removed, grey-painted glory.

[Before ... or is it in-progress?]

I know. It's not really all that much to look at. For now. I armed myself with all the things I'd need, brought a drink and a boombox with some music along and made myself at home.

[Some supplies: Pencil, paper towels, foam roller, stencil]

Not pictured are paint, re-positionable spray glue and a ruler. The hardest thing is usually to get started for good. Where to start? Knowing that none of the rooms in our house are really truly square, starting in a corner wasn't really an option (and isn't something you should really ever consider). If you approach stenciling like tiling, you should find the true center of the room and orientate your stencil this way but I felt that centering the design on the doorway to the bathroom would be the right way to go.

Here it is, the beautiful "Traditional Tin Tile" stencil in its starting position. I decided to re-read the stencil instructions one more time and then poured myself some paint in the small paint pan that came with the high density foam roller.

Stenciling requires many passes with an almost dry brush. That way you won't squoosh (yes, that's a word, just like "Skloosh" is a ride at an amusement park in PA) any excess paint underneath the stencil and ruin the clean lines. So every time you pick up paint with your roller, you roll off as much as possible and add a quick swipe over a piece of paper towel to be safe.

[Here I go a-stenciling!]

[In progress: 3 down, many more to go!]

I'm glad I only decided to stencil the floor in a small room. It's not hard work but definitely falls into the category of the more tedious projects (spray glue, position stencil, roll on paint, repeat). Now I know why Stencilease offers bigger stencils of the same pattern with more repeats to speed up the process!

[In progress: Loving it!]

It's looking great so far! Can't wait to show the husband!

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