Friday, July 1, 2011

All stenciled out

3 hours of rolling an almost dry brush over a sheet of plastic with funny cut outs did the trick and our dressing room floor went from looking like this


to this! After I was done rolling on full sheets, I did go back and lined up the stencil so that partially it covered an already stenciled area and rolled on and additional 1/3 of the pattern to fill in the space between a full sheet and the wall.


I can't wait to trim out the room with some new base molding and add a bit of trim to the built-ins as finishing touches to the basic construction. We have plans for yet another built-in and we want to install an ironing board that folds out from a small wall-mounted closet, and of course the room will need much love in the form of window treatments, some nicer lighting and a few decorative touches here and there, but the bones, the bones are lookin' good!

Oh, right. I should probably seal the stenciled floor first ... wouldn't want to paint that one all over again!