Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Transit

Work on our master bathroom has finally begun in earnest. We have a 4 week plan and are still hopeful to finish it (mostly) in time for my parents' arrival on August 8. You know, so we have 2 full bathrooms and a half bathroom to share between 4 adults and two kids for 3 weeks.

Before I show you what's been going on in the room itself, I thought I'd share the fixtures that the husband and I settled on. Sounds good?

Rather than go for two smaller vessel sinks we decided to go big(ger) and create a focal point with one single, larger vessel sink in the center of the vintage dresser. I mean, if I can't share with my husband, there's definitely something foul in the state of Denma-... I mean, our marriage. Yes, I know, HGTV always runneth over with praise over his and her sinks, but personally we think it'll be a better use of the space visually than creating a rather crammed and awkward double sink setting. We also don't mind sharing, really. We've done so for the past 8 years now with no detrimental effects to our sanity, and are looking forward to the next 8.

[source: Amazon.com]

Here's our pretty vessel sink. It's oval, measures 15" across and 23" wide, taking up half of the surface of the vintage dresser we found for it. After browsing various places, both online as well as real retail stores, we scored this steal of a deal on Amazon.com.

Next is the faucet. This one was much harder to find. Since our clawfoot tub came complete with a vintage looking chrome faucet, we had to try and match at least the finish if not the vintage looks. There are very very few vessel sink faucets that can be called "vintage looking" that are also within our budget. Sure, I could splurge on a $500 faucet but who's going to buy an almost 8-year-old firstborn, hmmm?

[source: Amazon.com]

Again, Amazon.com came to the rescue! It meets all our criteria and the reviews were all positive, so it went into the shopping cart.

So far, so good. After shopping and paying for these babies last Thursday, I received the shipping confirmation Friday morning! They are scheduled for arrival on Monday, so stay tuned!

Guess what just arrived? My sink is here :o) Woot!


  1. I so wanted to do the vessel sink/vintage dresser combo. Have you found an appropriate dresser? That was my huge stumbling block. I'm incredibly happy with what we ended up with, but I still would have liked to come up with the unique vanity rather than buying 'off the rack'. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  2. Nette,
    finding the right kind of dresser was difficult an took forever! Craigslist wasn't helping; we had all kinds of issues, the least of them our requirements for the dresser (width, depth, etc.) We got lucky about a week ago when we stumbled across a vintage kneehole desk. Pictures coming soon!