Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dining room impressions

You know how they say it's bad to play favorites? I just can't help it - right now I do think the ding room is my favorite spot in the house. See what I mean?

[Dining room at dusk]

No worries, our sweet neighbor can't peek into our house from her window - or at least she doesn't - what with the privacy film on all of her windows.

The vintage dresser we scored at the local ReStore fit perfectly into the spot between the two windows and so I moved it there and I'm thrilled by the amount of storage it provides. Paper, homework and cub scout supplies only take up the bottom drawer, for example.

I unearthed another one of husband's vintage type writers - this one's an "Underwood", so I generally refer to it by the name "Carrie" ..heh - and gave it a seat of honor next to the old brass lamp I scored at the Goodwill Pound Store for just $2. It needs a different shade, one that actually has the right size, but for now it works quite nicely, don't you think?

Ahhh, love!

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