Monday, July 11, 2011

Lighting Love

I have a confession to make: Of all the unfinished rooms here at the Duckling, the diningroom is starting to turn into my most favorite. See?

The baseboards and the window frames still need painting, there are no window treatments and so far the Gods of Craigslist haven't shown any mercy in my quest for a buffet or credenza but things are looking UP in the dining room (and we're obviously on a roll in the lighting department).

See the chandelier?
I'm loving it!
Come a little closer ...

Not bad, eh?
See those little petal-styled dishes?

Just like the chandelier which used to be an awful brassy yellow, those little capiz petal dishes were lucky finds at the local ReStore. I picked up a couple of extras, just in case, and got 10 of these darling little things (What do you call them? Do they have a name?) for a whooping $5. Which was what I paid for the chandelier a few weeks ago.

And for $7.50 and some change (for spray paint, a hook and some extra chain) we have a lovely and unique chandelier! What's your latest steal of a deal?

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