Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sealing the deal

No, we haven't fallen off of the face of the earth (or a ladder). Really! Between starting a new job, a holiday weekend and life in general, updating the blog hasn't been my top priority. That doesn't mean work hasn't progressed more or less smoothly here at the Duckling. Far from it! We've been busy, and I can't wait to show you (once I get around to picking up new batteries for my camera tomorrow).

After I finished stenciling the floors in our dressing room, I wanted to protect the fruit of my labor as quickly as possible. We'd picked up a gallon of Varathane in a Satin finish following the recommendation of the nice gentle working the aisle at the box store. No odor, polyurethane strength for high traffic areas and a competitive price all fit the bill. We took it for a test drive on the counter top of our library cupboard (read about here) and loved how easy it was to apply and the beautiful finish. So, here it goes

[Hello non-smelly poly!]

This stuff is pretty watery (or maybe I'm just having a hard time letting go of the idea that anything poly/sealant needs to be somewhat viscous)

Husband had picked up a special floor applicator that screwed to our extension handle and it really made sealing the floors as easy as mopping them. Fortunately, Varathane doesn't only NOT stink to the high heavens, it also dries quickly and so I managed to apply 3 coats within just two days.

[After: All shiny! Please ignore the rough-looking edges;
they'll get baseboards soon and look all pretty again. I swear!]

Once the construction dust from the adjoining master bathroom is gone, I plan on buffing the floors once more and applying a final coat but for now this is it. Wait? Construction dust from the master bath? You bet'cha! Pictures coming soon!

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